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Sarbanes-Oxley News & Developments


Pension Funds Taking More Risk

The recent run-up in stock prices has been largely offset by low interest rates.


Judge Dismisses Securities Fraud Counts in Qwest Trial

But four former Qwest executives still faces 11 charges.


Twelve Angry Men and Women

Friday was a short day for the Tyco jurors.


Challenging times for CFOs

Reaching Full Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley


SEC Probing El Paso Reserve Revisions

The company now expects to restate its results going back to 2001.


U.S. and Europe Reach Pact on Auditors

PCAOB chairman William McDonough says it is a done deal.


Ex-Dynegy executive gets 24 years

Tax executive Jamie Olis sentenced for his role in an Enron-style scheme.


Hard Numbers on Sarbanes Expenses

Sarbanes-Oxley shows a sharp rise in audit expenses.


WorldCom Judge Delays KPMG Payments

Allegations are that the audit firm has a conflict of interest.


GE to Seek Shareholder OK on Severance

New guidelines adopted in advance of the annual meeting for the company.


CA Public Retirement System Opposes PwC as Freddie Mac Auditor

Pension fund challenges use of PwC for non-audit services.


New World Order

Are global accounting standards within reach?


SOX Section 404 Compliance Has Companies on Edge

Beware a false sense of security.


The SOX 404 Compliance Countdown

Are you prepared to meet the deadlines and issues?


CFO & Controller Put On Leave At Nortel

Due to an inquiry into accounting at the company.


SEC Amendments Respond to SOX Section 409

New rules for 8-K filings explain how quickly companies must disclose information.


Less Ado about Options

Controversy over expensing employee stock options.


More CFOs Get Rich on Options

Stock options play a big role in the compensation gains of top finance executives.


SEC Cracks Down on Stonewalling

SEC has zero-tolerance for companies that do not cooperate with its investigations.


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Compliance

The law is now being reinterpreted.


SEC Boosting Big-Company Caseload

The SEC is bringing more financial fraud cases against big Fortune 500 companies.


GM Finance Chief Rails at Sarbox

Increased red tape will make it hard for private companies to go public .


Accounting Board Approves Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Rules

PCAOB members predict hikes in audit fees.


Scandal Cures May Not Reach the Source

Corporate bosses more accountable.


Sarbanes-Oxley Good for Business

Better to demand too much accountability than too little.


Judge Tosses Out Most Serious Charge Against Ex-CEO

Enterprise corruption charges were dropped for former Tyco CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski.


Officer and Director Bars At All-time High

Sarbanes-Oxley changed the rules 180 degrees.


Former Vari-L Execs Face Charges

Charged with falsifying information to inflate the companys revenue.


Sullivan Pleads Guilty - Ebbers Charged

Former Worldcom CFO and CEO are charged with conspiracy, fraud, and making false statements.


IRS To Crack Down On Multinational Corporations

Corporations that transfer U.S. intellectual property to tax havens.

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