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> >  The Compliance Partners have made alliances with companies specialized in Risk Mitigation to better serve your compliance needs related to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

  • Clear Compliance, Inc.:

    Clear Compliance™, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BTG Enterprises, Inc.

    Clear Compliance™ is a secure, web-based software application that provides a well organized, digital framework to facilitate compliance management. Federal, state and local regulatory compliance are effectively managed across multiple business units within an organization using Clear Compliance™, saving money and time while dramatically streamlining the process of managing and mitigating compliance risks.

    The core of the Clear Compliance™ application is the centralized compliance data repository where policies, procedures and current regulatory constraints are stored. The Policy & Procedure manual is updated in real time to correspond with changes inherent in the regulatory environment, and is provided in .pdf format for printing or electronic distribution.

  • The Work Institute, LLC.:

    The Work Institute is a Human Capital Intelligence business, delivering decision support around all aspects of human capital management. The company is able to quickly identify areas of significant risk including employee turnover, integrity, and affirmative responsibility.

    The goal of The Work Institute is to reduce the ratio of human capital expense (costs associated with productivity, absenteeism, employee relations, turnover, fraud, personal integrity, compliance risk, wage inflation etc.) to operating expense for client companies.

    Intelligence is available on managers' desktops and is gathered utilizing customized tele-research interviews with employees and stakeholders of client companies. The Work Institute Intelligence provides baselines and the specific "pulse" of employee insight within, and across the workplace.

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