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« We support your needs for everything from receiving complaints/concerns - 100 languages - to dealing with the most sensitive situations.»

  > >  Led by an experienced group of Fortune 500 executives, The Compliance Partners (TCP) offers a properly balanced Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower program that limits the risks to the Audit Committee and Management in the regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HHS-OIG Guidelines, FIDICIA, PDMA & HIPAA.

Audit Committee Risks Limited
  1. TCP independence eliminates the potential for management filtering of allegations against management by sending the serious ones directly to the Audit Committee.
  2. TCP analysts assure that the Audit Committee deals with serious problems only while maintaining the Whistleblower's anonymity.
Management Risks Limited
  1. Management receives reports on all calls before the Audit Committee to avoid being blindsided by Audit Committee members.
  2. Management deals with substantially all calls, those that are operational in nature, keeping order to the process. Management reports resolution to the problem.
  3. TCP directs calls to the appropriate member of management for investigation and follow-up in accordance with instructions from client (HR issues go directly to HR, accounting issues to controller or internal audit, etc.)
  4. TCP analysts assure that the Whistleblower's anonymity is maintained to avoid potential lawsuits.
  5. TCP brings resources to the process if necessary.
Comprehensive Whistleblower Solution
  1. TCP has a 24hour/7day/365day call center with a robust script to guide any potential whistleblower through the call.
  2. TCP also handles complaints via the Web, email, fax and letters.
  3. TCP offers English and Spanish services.
  4. TCP supports over 100 languages.
  5. TCP assures that the Whistleblower's anonymity is maintained: content that would disclose the caller's identity is edited out.
  6. Contact information is maintained solely within TCP and can be used to gather additional data for the company if necessary.
TCP's client base spans the healthcare, retail, restaurant, technology, banking, manufacturing, insurance, software, pharmaceutical, publishing and investment industries servicing over 30 countries worldwide.

  > > Section 301 corporate responsibility created a brand new set of rules requiring a simple but specialized solution that focuses on the content of the call not just the call. Understanding the complexity of the requirements and responsibilities this legislation has imposed on audit committees and corporate management is essential to the development of a simple, practical solution.

> > Learn How to Find the Right Whistleblower Solution (PDF White Paper)

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